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PhD student Mariana M demonstrates new physics in plasma-based acceleration in PRL publication

In a paper recently published in the prestigious journal Physical Review Letters, entitled “Mitigation of the Onset of Hosing in the Linear Regime through Plasma Frequency Detuning”, a research team from IST, in collaboration with the Max Planck Institute for Physics in Germany, proposes a solution to a problem that threatens one of the existing… Read more

The “Natas” of Visualization 2023 have been announced!

Following our tradition (see the “2014 Natas”, “2015 Natas”, “2016 Natas”, “2017 Natas”, “2018 Natas“ and “2019 Natas“), the prizes for the winners of the image, video, and VR of 2023, the “natas” of visualization, are finally announced. The prizes awarded were: Best image: Róbert Babjak and Rui Torres (tie) Best video: Camilla Willim Best VR visualization: Camilla Willim and Bertrand Martinez… Read more

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